Staffing Solutions for the Medical Industry

Direct Hire
(Permanent Placement)

When you want to interview, select and make an offer to a candidate for a particular position in your company, our Direct Hire staffing solution will identify candidates specifically suited to your company's needs.  You benefit from our Managers' extensive recruiting skills and talk only with candidates who are qualified for the position.

  • Each candidate comes with our 120-Day Replacement Guarantee. For any reason the candidate is not employed for 120 days a free replacement will be given at no additional charge.
  • The cost of our service is based upon 10% of the candidate’s first year annual salary.

(Temp-to-Perm Placement)

For companies who want to spread the cost of direct hire fees over an extended period of time, we offer a Direct Hire By-the-Hour solution.  Candidates are screened in the same manner in order to find the best fit for your company.

  • After 640 hours, the employee rolls over to your payroll without any further costs to your company.
  • The cost of service is spread out over 640 hours.  The hourly rate charged for the services includes all payroll, payroll taxes, insurance and workers comp.
  • We stand behind our services and guarantee a replacement at anytime during the 640 hours at no additional cost.  Hours accrued for the position carry over to the replacement without starting over at hour one.
  • The cost of our service is based upon a 50% markup of the candidates hourly pay rate